Tuesday, July 9, 2013


BG006 @ RM8.00 * SOLD!
Used and in very good condition.1 zipper compartment.

                                      BG007@ RM10.00 * SOLD!

Used and in great conditions.2 zipper compartments.

                                                          BG 008 @ RM12.00 *SOLD!
Bought but not used.Full with beads and sequins..bling..bling..

                                                      BG009 @ RM8.00 *SOLD!
Used.Couduroy material.3 zippers compartments.Very good conditions.

                                                          BG010 @ RM15.00 *SOLD!
Denim back sack n hand held bag.Perfect conditions.2 compartments.

BG012 @ RM9.00 *SOLD!
Never used.Original by "The Incredibles".Thick and waterproof material.3 zippers compartments.Suitable for kids.

BG 013 @ RM10.00 *SOLD!
Never used.Brown n round.2 zippers compartments.Adjustable strap.

BG 014 @ RM10.00 *SOLD!
Never used.View picture to believe.Perfect condition.

BG 016 @ RM25.00 *SOLD!
Used.Imported.still in tip-top condition.Very good quality.2 zipper compartments.View picture to believe.

BG 017 @ RM35.00 

NEW.By MNG.2 compartments.Vintage dinner bag.

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